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Dance Class Instruction That Goes
Beyond Your Expectations

Want to learn something new? Want to be more sociable while
improving your personal health and well-being? We have classes that will suit your lifestyle and individual needs.From Youth Ballroom Classes for children from ages 7-13 to adult Club and Social event dances, through competition level (both American and International styles) we can take you from beginner level and advance you to achieve your own personal goals. Check out our calendar for this month’s schedule of classes and events.

American Style


Foxtrot – America’s number one ballroom dance built around slow-slow-quick-quick rhythm.

Tango – Staccato style ballroom dance with fluid movements derived from Argentina.

Viennese Waltz – The original form of waltz consisting of turns & change steps.

Waltz – Ballroom & folk dancing in 3/4 time, performed primarily in closed partner position.


Bolero – This sensual dance requiring Cuban motion with rise & fall as in waltz.

Cha Cha – Began as a variation of the mambo; an energetic dance with a steady beat.

East Coast Swing – A carefree American style fast dance for fun & easy social dancing.

Mambo – The flavor of the dance is contained in the translation of the word “mambo” which means “shake or say it.”  Components include rock steps, side steps, and foot styling.

Rumba – Cuban motion is one of the most important elements of this romantic rhythm dance.

International Style

Foxtrot, Quick Step, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Waltz

Cha Cha, Jive, Paso Doble, Rumba, Samba

Specialty Classes

Bachata – Originally from the Dominican Republic danced with a lively hip action and intricate footwork.

Brazilian Zouk – A sensual Brazilian dance using various body leads and contact improvisation.

Country 2-step – Often called the “Texas 2-step” it is a country/western dance usually danced to country music.

Hustle – A popular night club dance originating from the 1970’s fusing swing & disco.

Merengue – Walking steps and side (chasse) steps are the basic components of merengue.  Introduced as a marching dance with festive party appeal.

Nightclub 2 Step – Smooth, slow, sexy dance for night club intimacy.

Peabody – Fast foxtrot type ballroom dance originating in the beginning of the 20th century.  Danced to lively ragtime music, the Peabody is famous for its use of Right Outside Partner position, with long, gliding steps.  It is a combination of Quickstep and Charleston.

Salsa – Fusion of Cuban & American dancing allowing freedom of expression & feeling

Samba – This national dance of Brazil has a pulsating action giving a lively Latin feel.

West Coast Swing – A distinctive elastic looking dance allowing partners to improvise steps.

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