The Dance Ballroom



Waltz - Ballroom & folk dancing in 3/4 time, performed primarily
in closed partner position.

Foxtrot - America's number one ballroom dance built around
slow-slow-quick-quick rhythm.

Tango - Staccato style ballroom dance with fluid movements
derived from Argentina.

Viennese Waltz - The original form of waltz consisting of turns
& change steps.


Cha Cha - Began as a variation of the mambo; an energetic dance with a steady beat.

Rumba - Cuban motion is one of the most important elements of
this romantic rhythm dance.

East Coast Swing - A carefree American style fast dance for fun
& easy social dancing. 

Bolero - This sensual dance requiring Cuban motion with rise
& fall as in waltz.

Mambo - The flavor of the dance is contained in the translation of the word "mambo" which means "shake or say it."  Components include rock steps, side steps, and foot styling.

- Walking steps and side (chasse) steps are the basic components of merengue.  Introduced as a marching dance with festive party appeal.

Samba - This national dance of Brazil has a pulsating action giving a lively Latin feel.

West Coast Swing - A distinctive elastic looking dance allowing partners to improvise steps.



Waltz Cha Cha
Foxtrot Rumba
Tango Samba
Viennese Waltz Paso Doble
Quick Step Jive


Nightclub 2 Step - Smooth, slow, sexy dance for night club intimacy.

Salsa - Fusion of Cuban & American dancing allowing freedom of expression & feeling.

Bachata - Originally from the Dominican Republic danced with a lively hip action and intricate footwork.

Kizomba - Is a dance and music that was created in Angola in the early l980's, which was born out of Zouk music. The style of Kizomba emphasizes a very smooth way of dancing with influences of Tango steps, but one of the main differences is that the lower body, the hip, does forward/backwards and circle movements.

Brazilian Zouk - A sensual Brazilian dance using various body leads and contact improvisation.

Hustle - A popular night club dance originating from the 1970's fusing swing & disco.